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ShopperBridge drives incremental, measured sales at brick and mortar locations.

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ShopperBridge drives incremental, measured foot traffic to store locations.

Ask us how…

We increased redemption of an IRC for a major cereal brand by 233% at Publix

We delivered a 30 second TV ad only to ULTA Shoppers to boost sales for a cosmetic product only available at ULTA

We implemented a mobile coupon at CVS for a women’s beauty brand

We lowered cost/visit by 4X for a luxury automotive dealer group

We drove 78% sales lift at Kroger for a wine brand

We use dynamic creative to display a hardware retailer’s store address and correlating price/product offer to drive incremental foot traffic and visits

We leveraged our precise mobile location targeting to improve a men’s grooming brand’s social efforts by 2X

We helped a household cleaning brand increase velocity to prevent getting delisted from Walmart and gain full distribution

ShopperBridge won the P&G Fellowship Position for 2016

Who We Are

Digital Media expert Beth Gregg founded ShopperBridge in 2015 to bring programmatic, transparent media practices to the CPG and Retail Industry. ShopperBridge focuses on developing and delivering ROAS+ ad programs.


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